Accessories: cables, adapters, interfaces, ...

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Accessories: cables, adapters, interfaces, ...

Beitrag von berger » Dienstag 19. September 2017, 11:46


I'm selling several accessories for chess computers: cables, adapters, interfaces,...

Over the last few years I have made different cables, adapters, interfaces, etc. for Novag, Fidelity and SciSys/Saitek, which I have been selling to different chess computer enthusiasts. I buy most of the necessary electronic components on the internet, and there are minimum order, shipping costs, sometimes customs payments, etc., so I have accumulated many extra components, and this summer I have been assembling a few units of each of the accessories, with the intention of selling them. Here you have the link to my website with photos, descriptions, etc.

Best regards,
Gerardo M. (aka Berger)