EP 384- IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess) on renewing his GM title pursuit, lessons learned from his first attempt, and what

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EP 384- IM Levy Rozman (GothamChess) on renewing his GM title pursuit, lessons learned from his first attempt, and what

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This week IM Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) makes his annual return to Perpetual Chess to discuss what is new with him. I was particularly excited to chat with Levy as he recently announced his renewed pursuit of the GM title. Levy has been sharing lesson snippets and discussing his tournament plans on his channel, but I wanted many more details. What did he learn from his first norm-chasing experience? What will he do differently this time? Does he think he will be able to stick with it? Although most of us will never make GM, Levy’s quest to make it to the next level is relatable for me and for many other chess players. Aside from his OTB comeback, we discussed the swift rating-rise of popular gamer, Tyler 1, and the successes and lessons learned from Levy’s book.   Levy shared a few stories from meeting celebrities in recent months. It's always fun catching up with Levy, and I am especially excited to follow his renewed pursuit of the GM title! Timestamps of topics discussed can be found below.
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0:00- What will be different about levy’s second public quest for GM? Will his mental health be ok? What will he do differently? Mentioned: Road to GM Episode 3 with GM Arturs Neiksans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFILafuQgPg&t=1704s
11:00- What will Levy do to address the weaknesses that GM Neiksans highlighted? Mentioned: IM Alex Ostrovskiy 
15:00- Levy discusses his upcoming tournament in Spain. 
17:30- Will Levy stream his tournament games? What tournaments is he planning to play? 
26:00- Patreon mailbag question: “What can Levy’s fans do to support his renewed GM quest?” 
29:00- Will Levy hire a sports psychologist? 
31:00- Does Levy have a timeframe in mind for this GM pursuit? 
34:00- Levy has been covering popular Twitch streamer and gamer Tyler1’s unusual chess progress. What interests him about this story? Mentioned: Tyler1 is a ChessGM!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gler9fDuhRY
41:00- What led Levy to work on his fitness? 
43:00- Has Levy been pleased with the reception to his book?Mentioned: Rey Enigma, Blitzstream 
49:00- What was the story behind meeting NBA superstar Luka Donkic? 
53:00- What was it like to finally meet Magnus Carlsen IRL? 
55:00- Patreon mailbag question: “Can Levy tease any upcoming collaborations?”Mentioned: More info in an article from Tarjei Svensen here:https://www.chess.com/news/view/4-million-buy-in-tournament-wadim-rosenstein-abdusattorov-caruana-nepomniachtchi-niemann
58:00- Patreon mailbag question: “How will Levy work on positional evaluation in his renewed GM quest?” Mentioned: GM Jacob Aagard’s books https://www.amazon.com/Books-Jacob-Aagaard/s?rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AJacob+Aagaard
1:00:00- Thanks, as always to Levy for joining me! In addition to the usual channels, you can get inside access to his GM quest via his Patreon here:https://www.patreon.com/gothamchessofficial
If you would like to help support Perpetual Chess via Patreon, you can do so here:https://www.patreon.com/perpetualchess

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