EP 386- GM Arturs Neiksans- Coaching Gotham Chess, His own Journey to the GM Title & Advice for Choosing Openings

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EP 386- GM Arturs Neiksans- Coaching Gotham Chess, His own Journey to the GM Title & Advice for Choosing Openings

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This week I am pleased to be joined by 4-time Latvian champion, GM Arturs Neiksans. In addition to his accomplished, (and ongoing)  competitive career, Arturs is a respected coach, commentator, Twitch streamer,  and Chessable Author. Arturs recently added a new line to his resume as he became the trainer of IM Levy Rozman! As Levy trains for the GM title, he has been posting instructive excerpts of his frequent lessons with Arturs. In our conversation, we hear Arturs’ perspective on the origins of their collaboration and what Levy needs to work on in order to potentially ascend to the next level. Arturs also reflects on his own bumpy journey to the GM title and shares plenty of general improvement advice and . Lastly, as chess cheating has (again) been in the news, Arturs provides his personal perspective on the unfortunate fall from grace of his fellow Latvian player, GM Igors Rausis (who later changed his name to Isa Kasimi, and is now deceased). It was a pleasure to talk chess with Arturs, and I look forward to learning more from him both on his own channels, and on that of Gotham Chess!  
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0:02- How did GM Arturs Neiksans become Levy Rozman’s coach? What does Levy need to work on to become a GM?
17:00- Arturs quit chess at 18 and came back at 27. What drove him away and what brought him back? 
23:00- How will Arturs balance responsibilities like playing on the Latvian national team with coaching Levy?
28:00- How challenging was it for Arturs to become a GM in his late 20s?
35:00- It was Arturs who saw GM Igors Rausis (who was caught cheating during an OTB tournament) attempting to compete under a new identity. What was the story behind that?
44:00- What was Arturs approach to chess study as a kid? 
48:00- Does Arturs play a narrow or broad opening repertoire?
51:00- Thanks to Arturs for joining me! 
Here is how to keep up with him:
Chess.comhttps://www.chess.com/member/gmneiksansYouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UChrqQ5BlmmGkaVmraYQw-IQTwitch:https://www.twitch.tv/gmneiksansChessable courses:https://www.chessable.com/author/GMNeiksans/

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